The Lunch Lady: Disrupting the Trend of Chronic Illness in Our Youth

October 14, 2018    9:00 AM  -  10:00 AM
Ballroom B

The way to keep our children out of the medical system is to set them up, at the earliest stages possible, with the foundations of proper nutrition and food education. I am not so sure that children today actually know what it feels like to feel good. A new wave of lunch ladies/lads to sweep across the nation is the way to get to the hearts and stomachs of not only the children but those who are educating them. Proving that this way of eating is creating stable blood sugar levels, a balanced microbiome and metabolic flexibility will undoubtedly wake people up to a necessary change. A new leader, a fresh vibe and ancient wisdom will inspire others to jump on the bandwagon and make a change in their local systems. It’s a message of hope not fear.

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