Keri Brooks

Keri Brooks has worked as an expert in the field of holistic nutrition and Integrative health for over 10 years. Her family’s chronic health conditions ignited her passion for health and subsequently turned it into her life’s purpose.

Her mission is to demystify the underlying causes of chronic disease and inflammation and teach the world the integrative steps to healing from the inside out.

Keri is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Women’s Wellness Specialist and is an avid corporate speaker and food educator.  Also, she holds certifications in personal training, Pilates, yoga, and Intuitive Healing.

Most recently, she helped facilitate a landmark study as the lead Nutritionist in a Functional Medicine Study with the Mayo Clinic.

She’s the creator of 30 Days to Thrive, a transformational jump-start program that has helped hundreds of families learn how to remove toxins from their bodies and homes and heal.

Keri’s a huge foodie, and single mama of two beautiful girls, and loves to love to play, hike, practices yoga, dance and paddle board! Keri Brooks Health, is located in Walnut Creek, California and offers nutrition and wellness programs nationally. You can reach her by email at . Her website is and can be followed on Instagram at Keri Brooks Health.

Sessions with Keri Brooks

October 14, 2018