How to Be Well When You’re Not

February 22, 2020    3:00 PM  -  4:00 PM
Ballroom B

No matter how you feel right now, you have the ability to feel better. Your best chance for wellness comes by facilitating your body’s ability to heal through mental, physical, and emotional practices, and by discovering what lessons your illness is trying to teach you. Ariane Resnick wrote an entire book about this topic based on the work she does with others as well as her own recoveries from both late stage neurological Lyme disease and carbon monoxide poisoning. Less than seven years ago, her brain was so damaged from combustion byproducts that she received a formal diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease from Cedars Sinai. Just two years before that, she had required a wheelchair to get through airports due to fibromyalgia from Lyme. Ariane recovered from both illnesses holistically (and on her own!) after being told by doctors in both instances that a full recovery was highly unlikely–and she wouldn’t take her illnesses back for anything, because they shaped her into the person she is. Once healed, she shot forth into my life purpose of helping others feel better, and in the six years since has had multiple bestselling cookbooks, numerous national tv appearances, world famous clientele, and dozens of media features. Learn about the practices Ariane Resnick employed to be well when she wasn’t, as well as some of the wellness tools and foods she details in “How to Be Well When You’re Not” (Countryman Press, September 2019, foreword by P!nk).

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