Speaking Opportunities


If you are interested in speaking at the LiveAware Expo, please complete the form below before October 31, 2019 with your speech outline.

We are expecting over 350 LiveAware Expo attendees and will stream all speeches to 100s more at a later date.

There will be 4 speaking tracts each with 6 sessions and one Keynote Speech each day.  Each session and Keynote will be 60 minutes with a 15 minute break between sessions.  The theme for the Expo is “Living Healthy in a Toxic World” with this years sub-focus being on “The Air Around You”.  We look for proposals that warn of the dangers, but give actionable solutions to the attendees to live healthy in this toxic world.  You are welcome to submit as many speech proposals as you would like.  The tracts are listed below, with topic examples which you are welcome to use or submit different topics that fall under the theme of the tract.

Keynotes: What’s in the Air around Us and how can we survive it?

Saturday A: How to create a non-toxic home

Speech topic examples:

  • What to look for in non-toxic household products – cleaners, paint, plastic vs glass
  • Hidden toxins inside your house – glyphosate, fluoride, smart meters, wifi emf
  • What doctors don’t tell you about tylenol, vaccines and other medications
  • What food should be in your home?

Saturday B: What’s in the Air?

Speech topic examples:

  • What is being sprayed into the atmosphere?  Pesticides, geoengineering
  • EMF from WiFi, smart devices?
  • What is Alexa doing to your brain?
  • What is 5G and how can we prevent it?

Sunday A: How to improve the Air in your home and improve your long term health

Speech topic examples:

  • How do reverse toxic air exposure through nutrition?
  • Toxic pesticides developed as agents of war and linked to cancer, sterility, and birth defects are being sprayed on our food
  • Lowering your device usage?
  • Is Mold hiding in your home?

Sunday B: How to support the immune system to ensure optimal health even in time of illness

Speech topic examples:

  • Vitamin C and other vitamin/minerals
  • What nutrition supports the immune system
  • Detox
  • Breastfeeding
  • Ensuring clean and safe water in your home

Please complete the following to submit your speech proposal for consideration:

Note: Speakers will not be compensated for their time.  However, the following benefits will be available to speakers:

  • Free Expo hotel accommodation
  • Up to $500 in travel expenses
  • One Expo guest registration
  • Two tickets to attend the Speaker Dinner
  • Book sale/signing opportunity
  • Professional digital copy of the recorded speech

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Tract 1: How to create a non-toxic homeTract 2: Food basics – What everyone needs to know about the food they eatTract 3: How to eat toxin free and improve your long term healthTract 4: How to support the immune system to ensure optimal health even in time of illness