The objectives of this talk are to discuss EMF exposure and device usage among children and adults. I will start by discussing the sources and prevalence of EMF exposure as well as device usage, discuss the research examining the health effects of EMFs and prolonged device use and provide strategies for reducing our exposure and risk of these negative health effects. After defining EMFs and discussing the sources of exposure as well as its prevalence, I will summarize the evidence examining the effects of electromagnetic fields in human, animal and cell studies. I will discuss the evidence from in utero exposure of rats to WiFi signals and its effects on neurodevelopemental impairment as well as oxidative stress. Some of the topics I will discuss include studies that demonstrate neuropsychiatric and cognitive changes with EMF exposure. Endocrine, and specifically, reproductive effects of EMF exposure will be discussed, as well as opportunities for reducing the daily burden of EMFs. The second part of my talk will focus on mobile device usage and health effects of screen time on our health and psychology. I will review current research topics and guidelines, as well as offer evidence-based strategies to reduce the adverse effects of excessive screen time.