EMF and Environmental Toxins – Food Solutions for Thriving

February 23, 2020    10:15 AM  -  11:15 AM
Ballroom A

Learn how to create safer home and work environments for you and your family. Much of what is promoted today as “necessary for our existence” is neither safe, nor essential for our wellbeing. With the higher levels of toxicity in our world today, it is more essential than ever that we utilize the information and tools that are available today to make our homes a safe haven that can promote healing. This workshop will provide healthy answers and offer practical solutions to reduce the biological harm that we are being subjected to in our environments. Dr. Elizabeth Plourde has focused her extensive research on understanding the assaults our bodies are being subjected to and strives to provide answers that are affordable, as well as easy to implement. The program will also cover how foods are mother nature’s antidote, and can be utilized to reduce as well as repair the harm the EMF radiations, solar radiations, and toxins can create.

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