Flower Essences have been used since the early 20th Century to ease and support children and adults through release of birth and childhood trauma and other challenges.  Completely safe and easy to use, they facilitate transitions and growth through life’s happenings and the unexpected.  Based on the Emotional Triggers they bring opportunity for facilitating shifts, self-acceptance and a deeper healing.

Today there are many more essences available besides the earliest marketed “Edward Bach Flower Remedies”.

I have a CA Flower Essence Society Certification from 1988, and have specialized in helping Children and Adults to “Flower” using this modality since even before that date.  Born in South Africa, I learned about them from homeopathic physicians since 1969.  I have a rich bank of 3 to 4 thousand essences collected from different producers all over the planet, as well as astrological sources.

I would be delighted to share my JOY of this work at this seminar.