Whether you have asthma, ear infections, frequent colds or allergies, you probably blame the air quality. When we look deeper, we realize that our bodies can process less than optimal air quality if we have a strong immune system. but what does it mean to have a strong immune system? The seat of our immune and defense systems lay in the gut biome. Studies show that raw whey proteins found in unprocessed dairy products stabilize MAST cells and inhibit release of histamines. That is just one of the pathways to “food as medicine”. Several more will be shared including the Alkaline Phosphatase enzyme, probiotics and others. In todays world of modern medicine and Pharmaceutical treatments, it is difficult to maintain our gut biome. Nearly everyone of the treatments provided for allergies or asthma depresses the immune system and depresses the gut biomes strength. There is a nearly complete disconnect between doctors and their medical treatment choices and those therapies that would support a strong gut biome. This is the challenge for our futures. We must reconnect food to medicine. The gut biome thrives and defends our bodies from inflammation and attack when it is nourished. That means a whole food diet that supports a growth of a biodiversity of beneficial bacteria. We must ask ourselves, is asthma caused by the lack of medication? Certainly not. Asthma is associated with immune failure and gut biome suppression. The future of sustainable medicine is in whole food nutrition.