Getting Enough “Likes”, even without FaceBook: Helping Children find Themselves using Flower Remedies

October 13, 2018    8:30 AM  -  9:30 AM
Ballroom A

For young people, not being popular, can spell the end of the world! They easily fall into toxic emotions, negative self-talk, which affects them and the whole family. Instead of wasting time on harmful medications, consider the possibilities of Flower Remedies that can gently and safely restore self-esteem, alleviate painful anxiety and lift spirits. Medications do not heal, and are only aimed at reducing symptoms. Essences make a difference by teaching one how to raise one’s energy. This presentation will consist of a number of case studies from my practice, illustrated with high resolution flower slides. There will also be a description of how flower essences are co-created, as well as explain how one discovers the individual healing powers of each flower!

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