What is being sprayed into the atmosphere? I already wrote two books on this very question (see below in my Bio) and am now writing a third book about how it all culminates in synthetic biology and Transhumanism. Geoengineering is far more than weather engineering, just as wireless technology is far more than iPhone communication. Our air is not just polluted; it has been weaponized and transformed as we have been transformed into lab rats in a vast planetary experiment. We breathe and ingest not just known pollutants but trillions of unknown nanoparticles being daily released by jets, drones, and rockets–all for military-industrial-intelligence agendas. Nanotechnology has not been tested but is now everywhere. We must come to terms with this “national security” fact and not wait for compromised experts to come clean about this assault on all of life. The immune system is being compromised by nano-sized conductive metals, nanobots (nano robots), nano sensors, and microprocessors. The synergy of the EMF effects of the Smart City, 5G millimeter waves and phased array antennas, and the Internet of Things (IoT), coupled with our ionized atmosphere, challenges us to figure out how to maintain healthy, meaningful lives without being literally eaten alive by the medical industry and Big Pharma profiteering. Those who have awakened to what we are inhaling are avidly pursuing “low-tech” health measures by which to extricate the nanotech swimming and self-replicating in our blood and brains, and halt the pell-mell advent of a nightmare Transhumanist future.