How High Antioxidant Diets Protect from Today’s Ubiquitous Toxic Sunscreens & EMF Radiations

October 13, 2018    3:45 PM  -  4:45 PM
Ballroom B

Society’s commonly accepted “have-to-have” wireless devices and sunscreen chemicals synergistically generate profound biochemical changes that are creating havoc on our health and the health of the planet.  The oxidation damage that each of these environmental toxins are creating have the same simple solution, high antioxidant foods – choices that all need to incorporate due to the fact that the commonly accepted sunscreen UV filters and cell phone radiations engulf us everywhere.  Sunscreen chemicals are not just in sunscreens, they are now in most cosmetics and in many food items (even those sold in health food stores).  As a result, they are now being found in 96% of Americans and 85% of Swiss breast milk samples.  Not having been sufficiently researched before brought to market, studies now prove that both types of sunscreens (endocrine disruptors and mineral microparticles) disrupt the body’s essential biochemical reactions.  Sunscreens are capable of altering our DNA, especially the MTHFR gene that makes it more difficult for people to detox the ever increasing numbers of environmental toxins.  Researchers are warning that sunscreen chemicals have resulted in swimming pools becoming a “sink” for UV-filters, leaving people swimming in a sea of newly created toxic, even poisonous chemicals.

This presentation provides a comprehensive guide for food choices that not only provide safe, healthy sunning, but these same foods also aid in reducing cellular damage from EMF electromagnetic radiations.  Environmental lifestyle changes will also be provided to make your home and work spaces safer from EMF radiations.

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