Discover top skincare ingredients to avoid and why. And, we’ll cover how to replace toxic ingredients in skincare with cleaner, effective alternatives, and follow additional recommendations to reduce toxins in the air, as well as the water and food you consume. Do you know what you expose your body to every day during morning and nighttime cleansing and beauty regimens? Would you slather gasoline or diesel fuel on your face? Liquid plastic, formaldehyde, or tar? Of course not! But if you’re using most popular skin care products (or even some so-called “natural” skin care), there’s a chance you’re applying shocking ingredients like these to your face. These potentially toxic components are often hidden on skin care product labels, and most people don’t know where or how to look for them. In this talk, you’ll learn just how to do that. For women, who on average tend to use more products than men, this is crucial. But, men, this applies to you too if you use deodorant, shampoo, and shaving cream. It’s important to know there are alternative ingredients that often prove healthier and less risky than those commonly used in commercial lines.