Our modern lifestyles have become more and more toxic. It has become commonplace to have toxicity issues causing autoimmune conditions. The overall understanding of autoimmune conditions and their cause or onset, is that the body is overcome with stress. Be it physical, chemical or emotional. These stressors, if they reach threshold, create the concomitant result of our immunity fighting itself. To detox is to keep these stressors at bay. It is not simply that we will forever avoid the ticks and mosquitos carrying the Borrelia throughout our lifetimes but rather, that we will keep our immunity understressed so it can effectively fight the inevitable infection. There is, therefore, a LONG GAME strategy to detoxification as well as SHORT SPRINTS. Participating in both is the means of effectively and easily detoxing these stressors from our bodies. Here’s an outline to this talk too. Brief understanding of the ways we build toxicity in our bodies. The physical, chemical, and emotional stress created in our lives builds in our tissues(water and fat soluble). The LONG GAME and the SHORT SPRINT: We have the ability to detox daily through our diet, exercise, breathing, sleeping, and environmental factors. We also have the ability to do volutary or involuntary detox events. The voluntary detoxes may last 2-3 days or 3-6 months. The involuntary detoxes are the flu. How the Body Detoxes. Ways to Detox with the Long Game. Oil Pulling, Skin brushing, Ginger Poultice, Intermittent Fasting, Far InfraRed Sauna, Ion Foot Bath, GuaSha, Vitamin C Flush, Probiotics… The 3 ways the body Detoxes Glyphosate, Heavy Metals and Mold effectively Chelation Methylation Liver Flush with timed Catch