Ellie Marks will engage the audience in the truth about wireless radiation and the associated serious health effects. She does not advocate against technology; she and her colleagues want safe technology. Unfortunately our government is looking the other way as the conclusive independent studies mount. Ellie will go over the science, how the FCC is handling this, and discuss how to stay safe, sane and healthy in this techno world. There are things we can do for ourselves and our families to lower our risks while still using mobile phones, laptops etc. She will talk about my family’s journey with this issue – how she has met many others negatively affected. She will discuss how she testified to the United States Congress on this issue and has worked with local and state governments to get cell phone right to know laws passed. She will talk about cell phones, wifi and the big topic now – 5G. Ellie will explain how it works, what the negatives are and how we can work together to make changes to protect our families and our planet.