Medical Food: Real Life Recovery, Naturally

October 14, 2018    10:15 AM  -  11:15 AM
Ballroom B

While many nutrition professionals espouse the benefits of a nutrient-dense diet, few have reversed their own illnesses with it once–let alone twice. Ariane Resnick is a certified nutritionist who not only healed two different major chronic illnesses on her own via only holistic methods, but also regularly consults others to do the same. Learn all about healing foods, such as bone broth, turmeric, and medicinal mushrooms, along with the most effective ways to use them. Ariane will also discuss how to best eat for wellness on a budget, with the limited amount of time for prep that the average American has nowadays. You’ll be left empowered and hopeful, not overwhelmed, and free of the dogma so common to nutrition and wellness discussions.

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