Families are finding that the age of the typical child with a cell phone is getting younger. Generation ZAPPED! is a solution-based documentary that investigates the health concerns around technology, and is a good companion to Screenagers. Generation Zapped also won Best Directing and First Place Documentary at the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival, and Best Documentary for the DC Independent Film festival. A Q&A discussion will accompany the film to discuss the release of the California Department of Public Health recommendations for wireless devices for children and adults, and much more.

Generation Zapped shares:
How families and schools provide solutions to cell phones and wireless devices
Investigation of concerns for prolonged exposure to wireless technology—from its links to from its links to breast & brain cancer, increased infertility, genetic mutations related to autism & ADHD, & newly developed illnesses, such as Electro-Magnetic Hyper-Sensitivity. Safer technology actions as well as recommendations for children and families by health experts.

Q&A with Sarah Aminoff
Sarah Aminoff taught freshman first year experience at Sonoma State University and health education at City College of SF, College for Teens, as well as being a K-12 educator. With United Educators of SF, she worked on a safer technology campaign for SF schools in collaboration with Environmental Health Trust’s educational campaigns on children’s health. She is the EMF Project Coordinator for FACTS (Families Advocating for Chemical & Toxics Safety) and is a member of the California Alliance for Safer Technology, a consortium of health and environmental advocates, physicians, non-profit leaders, attorneys and government officials, as well as Americans for Responsible Technology. Successful campaigns also include the California Progressive Alliance voting to oppose 5G without environmental review or local control.