Nearly everyone who enters my home says within sixty seconds, “It feels so inviting in here!” I always laugh and credit the salt lamps. There are so many things we can do to make our spaces warm, inviting, lower in toxins, and higher in stress relief. Your home should be your oasis, as comforting as a trip to the spa. Thank heavens it can be!

I’ll review how to create a toxin-fighting home that doesn’t feel pared down or smell like sage or patchouli (unless that’s your thing). The focus will be on how to do this within the framework of curating a space that is safer, more environmentally sound, and also luxurious enough to host a swanky party. Examples of inexpensive ways to do that include:

*Strategically placed salt lamps for air purification and a warm glow
*Essential oils that remove toxins from the home, including how to properly diffuse them and which are/are not safe for pets
*Plants that pull toxins out of the air or contribute significantly to oxygen availability, such as aloe vera
*Repurposed materials for decor and function, including wood pallets and mason jars
*Easy to make household products customized to your unique home’s needs and tastes

Attendees will leave armed with knowledge about how to detox their home in a way that will make it feel more inviting, more upscale, and more relaxing.