Peace and Play: How to balance out mental stress toxins with mindfulness and play

October 13, 2018    9:45 AM  -  10:45 AM
Ballroom A

Too often we are bombarded with ways to combat toxins that we eat, breathe, and take in medicine(s). The stress of sustaining a balanced life in an imbalanced world involves curiosity, and a playful mindset. Can we be more curious about stress? Can we create new approaches to balance within the body. How can we playfully and mindfully approach how we respond and deal with mental toxins (stress and trauma.) This workshop is interactive, fully engaging experientially and for those who are seeking alternatives to mental toxins that are sustainable, well-ness based, playful and easy to practice day to day.

Wonderful workshop for parents and educators who want to also teach emotional regulation to kids through peace and play modalities.
What you will experience:
– Support balancing our relationship to mental stressors with play and mindfulness
– Experience the benefits of attunement and developmental movement
– Develop group skills through productive collaborations (making eye contact, active listening, understanding role clarity, celebrating inspiration, acknowledging each other, various levels of permission seeking, turn taking)
– Deepen awareness of self and other (identifying feelings, exploring trust and empathy, finding patience, experiencing gratitude, appreciating self and others, emotional agility)
– Foster a relationally safe culture of inclusion and confidence (celebrating mistakes, accomplishments & discoveries)
– Engage in appropriate risk-taking (self-expression, being seen and heard.)
– Develop Problem Solving and Conflict Skills (using I statements in conflict, reflection of choices, NVP communication)

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