Poisoning our Children

October 13, 2018    2:30 PM  -  3:30 PM
Ballroom B

The pesticides in our food are causing an epidemic of chronic diseases in children. They are linked to:
Cancers, Thyroid disorders, Immune system problems, Lower IQs, Attention deficit hyperactive disorder, Autism spectrum disorders, Lack of physical coordination, Loss of temper—anger management issues, Bipolar/schizophrenia spectrum of illnesses, Depression and suicide, Digestive system problems, Cardiovascular disease, Reproductive problems (as adults), Deformities of the genital-urinary systems and changes to metabolic systems, including childhood obesity and diabetes.

Currently, for consumers the only way to avoid synthetic pesticides is to eat organically grown food. Most children get their pesticide exposure from the residues in food – either directly by consuming food with pesticide residues or though the placenta and breast milk due to the pesticides in their mothers’ food. Several scientific studies show that eating organic food is the best way to protect children as most pesticide exposure comes from eating food from conventional farming systems.

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