Reducing the Microbial Toxins Within

October 14, 2018    11:30 AM  -  12:30 PM
Ballroom B

The trillions of microbes within our GI tract produce metabolites in response to their available nutrients. The foods we eat and the location of these microbes within our GI tract play a large role in the chemical milieu in our bodies. Balancing and controlling these various microbial metabolites is largely influenced by the foods we eat. Many of us experience toxic overloads when our bodies are unable to detoxify the large loads of the same chemical classes. These microbial metabolites can also interfere with critical metabolic pathways impairing our own cellular function. This has a wide range of potential health consequences. When our bodies are overloaded with metabolites that require detoxification, our pathways become overburdened and then environmental toxin exposures begin to tip us into chronic inflammatory states. From this talk learn how the foods we eat can help balance microbial metabolites for optimal cellular function and ultimately our human ecosystem health. Learn how to reduce alcohol, aldehydes, phenols, amines, ammonia, glutamate, ketones, oxalate, and many other microbial metabolites that if not kept in check could seriously impair your health. Find out how the foods we eat and microbial fermentation occurring in the upper intestinal tract (small intestine) is one of the main root causes of various chronic inflammatory illnesses and what can be done to restore microbial balance.

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