5G, 6G, 7G, Why It Is Important to Recognize the “Artificial” in AI

February 23, 2020    1:45 PM  -  2:45 PM
Ballroom A

We all read ingredient labels on our food and have learned to stay away from everything that has “artificial” ingredients in them. But many of us, if not most, have no idea about the extent of the negative impact of an “artificial” world on ourselves and our environment. It is the sudden creation by a global movement pushing onto humanity to live like machines through accepting virtual reality, synthetic biology and what I call “illusionist living”. This new technocratic world will impact our psyche, mental, emotional, body, and even spiritual health. But the reason for this lack of clarity and understanding by the lay people is because we have only recently been bombarded with invisible hazards of a new kind never before experienced by any living creature on this earth – and it is the damaging part of the electromagnetic spectrum called microwave radiation. Only recently has the entire spectrum of microwaves been introduced by our so-called regulatory agency, the FCC, called 5G, and only as recent as year 2019 did they announce the dissolving of ALL regulatory abilities in frequency types, propagation techniques, numbers of antennas. It gets worse, on December 4th, 2019, the FCC has announced in its new Report and Order further dissolving of all and any limits of power allowed in any wireless radiation device and or equipment, meaning there is no longer a SAR limit on phones, nor power output limits on cell towers. What the public also doesn’t know about is the simultaneous development of 6G and 7G. This is all to create the Internet of Things and the Internet of Bodies. Now with nothing in the way of limits the rollout of AI autocratic world has just begun. History has clearly pointed to a future of simulated world of robotics but in a fashion that seemed to defy reality so no one expected it could actually happen. But the technologies are real and is already here and happening at break neck speed. But there are ways we can arm and protect ourselves from this onslaught of artificial living. There is a planetary shift happening and it has to do with frequencies. In reality, it all has to do with frequencies. And that is where we will dive into the healing methods of the good kinds of frequencies to fight against the negative ones. Raising awareness, intentions and consciousness is the solution as well as taking action. Our survival and that of the planet is dependent on our wakeful and deliberate care for each other and that of all sentient creatures.

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