People are lead to fear infectious disease and to rely upon vaccines to save them. The immune system is a complex auto-regulatory system, that when misinformed is not able to do its normal function of reconciling infectious processes. We have forgotten that childhood infectious diseases have a beneficial role to play in healthy childhood development. Vaccine injury is a complex symptom expression of toxins, immunological dis-regulation, partially express infectious disease and disruption in normal neurological development. In this session we will review how infectious disease works in the body, how vaccines do not support the need for healthy immune system function and the epidemiological significance of infectious disease outbreaks and how vaccines do not provide the information we need to reconcile these outbreaks.

Kate Birch is an internationally sought after expert on the treatment and prevention of infectious disease with homeopathy, she specializes in Homeoprophylaxis and the treatment of vaccine damage. She has taught around the world on the subject and has written a number of books on Homeopathy: Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Disease with Homeopathy and The Solution~ Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative: A Parents Guide to Educating Your Child’s Immune System are her offerings to this subject.