Toxicity in vaccines

October 13, 2018    2:30 PM  -  3:30 PM
Ballroom A

In this presentation I will review the history of vaccines, their ingredients and adverse effects, how their components can cause autoimmune diseases and how pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued for the damages caused by their vaccines. I will analyze two common components of vaccines used as adjuvants or preservatives, aluminum and mercury, which are neurotoxins that can cause serious autoimmune diseases in certain people and even death. I will also analyze the role of vaccines in the increase of autism in the USA and the diseases and deaths caused by the HPV vaccine throughout the world. Finally, I will look at the practices of the vaccine industry. Perhaps the only immunity that vaccines have produced is that of their makers, who enjoy immunity from prosecution, because since 1987 they cannot be sued by those affected by vaccines. The US government has paid billions of dollars to people who have proven that the vaccines made them sick and has also paid when it was demonstrated that the application of a vaccine was the cause of death.

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