Feeling Safe: How to release Emotional and Physical Toxins for Optimal Wellbeing

September 30, 2017    8:00 AM  -  9:00 AM
Ballroom A

With so many do’s and don’ts out there, it’s easy for us to become overwhelmed and confused as to what’s important for a healthy immune system. And often the quest for health can end up causing more stress, and imbalance. Amy B. Scher, energy therapist and bestselling author of How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can, along with Dr. Dawn DeSylvia, MD, nationally recognized board-certified functional and integrative physician, will address the essential keys to detoxing both the body and mind for total wellbeing. Giving the audience simple tools and tips in a no-overwhelm way, they will teach participants how to optimize their immune systems in relationship to:

  • Food
  • Environment
  • Emotions (an often forgotten aspect of total health)

Amy and Dr. DeSylvia will also go over common myths in each of those categories so participants can begin to navigate with greater ease and calm the sea of information around our health. Each person will leave with a clear understanding of how they can improve their own lives using simple but effective tools; and do so without feeling overwhelmed or fearful.

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