What the Hell Are We Eating? The Truth Behind Food Labels, Fake Food and Factory Farms

October 14, 2018    9:00 AM  -  10:00 AM
Ballroom B

What exactly are we eating when we purchase food from the grocery store or in a restaurant? Manufacturers routinely do something known as greenwashing: using misleading, vague or even false claims about the health benefits of food. Foods are labeled and marketed as grass-fed, organic, non-GMO, cage-free, pastured, free-range, natural, biodynamic, farmed, wild, healthy, etc. What does all this mean? This talk will help decode the often deceptive language on labels. Plus, you’ll discover why it’s critical to avoid food additives and any animal grown in/on a factory farm, including chickens, cows, pigs and fish. You’ll come away feeling confident in your food choices to keep you and your family healthy.

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