You Are What You Absorb: 3 common mistakes even health conscious people make that keep them from getting the most out of a nutrient dense diet

October 14, 2018    2:45 PM  -  3:45 PM
Ballroom B

Someone can eat a nutrient dense diet, take the best supplements on the market and make good lifestyle choices, yet STILL have digestive issues and problems with nutrient absorbtion. This can lead to decreased energy and ongoing health issues. We will talk about one of the most misunderstood, and easiest to fix, areas of health…. gut health! This includes digestion, absorption, the microbiome and the sympathetic/parasympathic nervous system and the crucial role of a good, strong digestion. Digestion is a north to south process and the talk will be presented in that way… beginning in the brain and how being in a relaxed, parasympathetic state is important for digestion. Our mommas were right when they told us to “sit and eat”- it helps with digestion. Eating in a stressed, or sympathetic state, immediately puts more work on our digestive system and hinders nutrient absorption. We will then talk about the importance of strong pH stomach acid (and the misconceptions in mainstream medical about this), the small intestine (and how poor digestion can lead to autoimmune issues) and the large intestine and the microbiome (and how a healthy microbiome can effect our stress and brain function-leading right back to the north to south process!!) We will address both food and supplements for good digestion (and I will share some great recipes for some digestive foods including simple fermented foods and drinks).

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