Cheryl Ciecko is a licensed architect and building science/healthy building consultant providing education and resources to professionals and individuals around the world. Motivated by a personal healthy journey, Cheryl uses her professional education and experience, along with research related to air quality, moisture management and building science, to help others identify and resolve building defects that can affect health and wellness. Recognizing the need for broader awareness, resources and education, Cheryl shares building and health related resources and education for consumer and professionals through her websites –,, pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, Facebook groups including – Avoiding Water Damage Mold Toxins, and a membership site – Dwell Well Institute to share science-based education and resources. Cheryl is a member of the Board of Directors for the Association of Licensed Architects, the architect representative to the U.S. American Lumber Standards Committee, and a member of the American Institute of Architects. Cheryl is also a LEED AP and former Senior Technical Director and Regional Director for the non-profit, national technical initiative, ‘WoodWorks’.