Liz Menkes

Liz Menkes is a professional EMF Consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area and one of only a few Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultants (Building Biologists) in the country.  She is also a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, having completed an advanced training program. Liz has been doing EMF home and office inspections since 2011.  She was trained on the Building Biology protocol for measuring and mitigating EMFs.  Liz was also a teaching assistant for the Building Biology EMF seminar.  In addition, she has given presentations on safer use of technology to college classes, as well as groups such as Health Council of Marin, Bay Area Homeopaths and Weston Price Concord/Walnut Creek chapter.  Liz also represented a firm for several years that advises local governments on the regulation of wireless facilities. She has a good understanding of the industry’s needs– what’s coming and why– and she shares this information with her clients.  Liz has a B.A. in History from UCLA.  She recently received a certification in Electricity from Diablo Valley College.

Sessions with Liz Menkes

September 30, 2017