Founder CEO of Organic Pastures Dairy Company established in 1999, a leading  brand of organic raw dairy products in the USA. The family brand serves 425 stores in CA and more than 1500 stores nationally and in Canada with certified organic pasture grazed raw dairy and cheese products. Products are also exported to China and Pacific rim countries under the cross-border program sponsored by the CMAB ( Got Milk? people in CA ). Founder and Chairman of Raw Milk Institute. Director and VP of California Dairy Campaign, Director at California Farmers Union and delegate to National Farmers Union.  Founding board member of the Rodale Institute sponsored “Organic Farmers Association” Policy Committee. Spoken nationally and internationally at conferences and Universities including: UCLA, UBC, UVIC, Rutgers, USC, CSUF, UC Santa Barbara, and Stanford Medical School on raw milk food safety, gut biome health benefits,  best production methods and standards. Lecturer on the medical benefits, gut BIOME and genomic effects of raw unprocessed dairy products. Founder “Farmers over Pharmacies” PODCAST and VIMEO series.

Premed trained retired Fresno EMS Paramedic with 15,000 calls and 16 years of service. Worked as a paramedic instructor and medical educator for the Fresno County Health Department. Member of the Fresno County EMS rescue team and paramedic on EMS helicopter. Operations Director for Fresno EMS contractor. Pilot for the Flying Doctors of Mercy ( LIGA )for 28 years providing medical care, transportation and support to  remote areas of Mexico.

Husband of 38 years to wife Blaine ( MSN RN of 23 years ) , father with two grown children and granddad to six…my favorite job is grand dad!