Born in South Africa, Patricia received her original training from two renowned homeopathic doctors and later in the US, through flower essence pioneers from around the world.

As a CA Flower Essence Society certified Flower/Gem Essence consultant and teacher she’s been ‘playing’ with Flower, Gem and Environmental Essences for nearly 50 years. Over time she has acquired a ’bank’ of over 3,000 essences.  This includes a number of unique essences she was spontaneously inspired to co-create herself in the US, Mexico, South Africa – its Game Parks, the Bushveld, and notable shores.  Through their gentle but authentic vibrations of pure nature they have the powerful ability to transmute and en-lighten heavy emotions. Her highly spiritual journey inevitably calls in angelic guidance.

As writer/publisher of “The Essential Flower” newsletter for several years, Patricia currently practices in San Mateo, California.

Links to her 2005 article for the CA FES on “Essences for Children Diagnosed with ADD” are on her web site, as are other writings on “Essences for Children”. She is also a Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotherapist, and has a Fine Arts degree [Witwatersrand University, South Africa]

She has lectured and conducted workshops in the US, in Mexico City at an International Flower Essence Symposium, in South Africa – Johannesburg and Cape Town at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and other venues. Essences continue to intrigue and fascinate her, bring joy and wonder, and a level of intelligence we can learn from, especially through challenging times.

Her clients have enjoyed drops from her individualized formulae through many life transitions and gateways!

Patricia can be reached by email at: