Dr. Stephen Frantz (Principal, Global Environmental Options, LLC [GEO]) is a pathobiologist, author, consultant and science activist.  For many years, he has conducted advisory services and research regarding animals that carry diseases to people, their interactions with humans, and related pesticide toxicology.  Recently, he has shifted much attention to glyphosate (Roundup®), the most widely used herbicide in the world, that causes considerable morbidity and mortality re. human, animal and environmental health.  Last year’s findings of glyphosate in the vaccine supply has underscored the need to eliminate all illness-related additives and contaminants from the vaccine supply, and to globally ban glyphosate and related pesticides.  GEO’s central goal is management of environmental toxicants and of unacceptable species’ direct and indirect contact with humans and domestic animals through sustainable, ecologically sound intervention strategies based on animal behavioral ecology, building science, and human behavior.  Dr. Frantz received his Ph.D. in Pathobiology from The Johns Hopkins University, and has authored many articles, lectured, conducted scientific research, and consulted globally for more than four decades.  Clients have included: local, state, national, and international governments and NGOs (e.g., Amanat Al-Assima [Baghad, Iraq], NYC Battery Park City Parks Conservancy, Bio-Integral Resource Center [Berkeley, CA], Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/CDC, National Geographic Channel, Pan American Health Organization, University at Albany School of Public Health [Rensselaer, NY], Swiss National Television, The Architects Collaborative [Cambridge, MA], U.S. EPA,  U.S. National Park Service, and the World Health Organization.