Tim O’Shea, DC

Author of Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War On Children

Creator of thedoctorwithin.com. Extensive 15 year website.  Discussion of the essence of traditional chiropractic, the vitalistic paradigm, holistic nutrition and detox, vaccines and immunology, bioterrain analysis, pediatrics, etc. Complete research chapters within these fields.

Author of Vaccination Is Not Immunization, which has been called the definitive parents’ guide to vaccines, available in 6 languages.

As a well-known author and lecturer, Dr O’Shea’s seminars have been widely attended all over the world both by the public and by health professionals. Best known for his comprehensive website on immunity and holistic nutrition, thedoctorwithin.com, O’Shea His seminars on chiropractic philosophy and neurology are on the New Health Paradigm and are attended worldwide.

The premise of the chiropractic seminar is that today’s best neuroscience is corroborating the original ideas of DD and BJ Palmer, but it’s not being taught in schools;  Very few seminars even mention the real science of chiropractic. The vaccine book is a shocking but thoroughly documented exposé on the global vaccine industry.

For several years now Dr O’Shea’s chapters on nutrition and childhood immunity have appeared in many professional publications. He is a frequent guest on syndicated radio programs across the US and educational conventions  worldwide. Dr O’Shea’s stated purpose is to remind people that freedom in health care issues has become a matter of survival in today’s world. His work strives to provide the data necessary for anyone to make truly informed health choices in areas that are saturated by the scientifically regimented misdirection so apparent in media, academia, and literature today.


Sessions with Tim O’Shea, DC

October 1, 2017

2:15 PM  -  3:15 PM